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The Weakness and Restlessness of Sin.


O Jesu König hoch zu ehren

Tersteegen. 1731.

O Jesus, Lord of majesty!

O glorious King, eternal Son!

In mercy bend Thou down to me,

As now I cast me at Thy throne.

Enslaved to vanity, and weak,

An alien power in me hath sway,

My strength is gone, howe'er I seek

I cannot break my bonds away.

How oft my heart against my will

Is torn and tossing to and fro,

I cannot, as I would, fulfill

The good that yet I love and know.

How many ties oppress and bind

The soul that yearneth to be free;

Distracted, vanquish'd, oft the mind

That fain would rest at peace in Thee.

I practice me in self-controul,

Yet rest and calm in vain pursue

Self-will is rooted in my soul,

And thwarts me still, whate'er I do.


I hate it, but its life is strong,

I fear, yet cannot it forsake;

Ah Lord, how long it seems, how long,

Until Thy grace my yoke shall break!

Ah Jesus, when, when, wilt Thou lead

The prisoner from this drear abode?

When shall I feel that I am freed,

And Thou art with me, Son of God?

Oh take this heart, that I would give

For ever to be all Thine own;

I to myself no more would live;

Come, Lord, be Thou my King alone.

Yes, take my heart, and in it rule,

Direct it as it pleases Thee;

I will be silent in Thy school,

And learn whate'er Thou teachest me.

What lives by life that is not Thine,

I yield it to Thy righteous doom;

What yet resists Thy power Divine,

Oh let Thy fire of love consume.

And then within the heart abide

That Thou halt cleansed to be Thy throne;

A look from Thee shall be my guide,

I watch but till Thy will is known.

Yes, make me Thine,--though I am weak,

Thy service makes us strong and free;

My Lord and King, Thy face I seek,

For ever keep me true to Thee.

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