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Subjection to Christ

From the German.3737Author unknown.

Jesu, to Thee my heart I bow;

Strange flames far from my soul remove;

Fairest among ten thousand Thou,

Be Thou my Lord, my Life, my Love.

All heaven Thou fill’st with pure desire;

O, shine upon my frozen breast;

With sacred warmth my heart inspire;

May I too Thy hid sweetness taste.

O see Thy garments roll’d in blood,

Thy streaming head, Thy hands, Thy side:

All hail, Thou suffering, conquering God!

Now man shall live; for God hath died.

O, kill in me this rebel Sin,

And triumph o’er my willing breast:

Restore Thy image, Lord, therein,

And lead me to my Father’s rest.

Ye earthly loves, be far away!

Saviour, be Thou my love alone;

No more may mine usurp the sway,

But in me Thy great will be done!

Yea, Thou true Witness, spotless Lamb,

All things for Thee I count but loss;

My sole desire, my constant aim,

My only glory be Thy Cross.

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