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The Dialogue

From the same.

Saviour, if Thy precious love

Could be merited by mine,

Faith these mountains would remove;

Faith would make me ever Thine:

But when all my care and pains

Worth can ne’er create in me,

Nought by me Thy fulness gains;

Vain the hope to purchase Thee.

C. Cease, my child, thy worth to weigh,

Give the needless contest o’er:

Mine thou art while thus I say,

Yield thee up, and ask no more.

What thy estimate may be,

Only can by Him be told,

Who to ransom wretched thee,

Thee to gain, Himself was sold.

S. But when all in me is sin,

How can I Thy grace obtain?

How presume Thyself to win?

God of Love, the doubt explain:

Or, if Thou the means supply,

Lo! to Thee I all resign!

Make me, Lord, (I ask not why,

How, I ask not,) ever Thine!

C. This I would—that humbly still

Thou submit to My decree,

Blindly subjecting thy will,

Meekly copying after Me:3636In the second and third editions “Blindly” in line 3 is altered to “Gladly;” in the fourth and fifth, to “Meekly;” for which in line 4 “Closely” is very properly substituted.

That, as I did leave My throne;

Freely from My glory part;

Die to make thy heart My own—

S. Ah! no more: Thou break’st my heart!

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