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Renouncing All for Christ

From the French.3838 This, and the “Farewell to the World,” p.17, were probably furnished to the compilers by Mr. Byrom of Manchester, (see “Byrom and the Wesleys,” by the Rev. Dr. Hoole, pp.17, 27,) and translated by him from the French of Madame de Bourignon. The copy of “A Hymn to Jesus,” which is found in his Miscellaneous Poems, (Manchester, 1773,) vol. 2, p.211, differs from that given above only in the title, and in such verbal alterations as the superior taste and judgment of the Wesleys would dictate. The 9th and 10th verses in both Byrom’s and Wesley’s copies are tinged with that mysticism to which the preface refers; and Wesley has improved on himself as well as on Byrom in the last edition of v.9, (that in the Large Hymn-Book, 1780,) where, instead of “Nor heaven nor earth,” we read “Nothing on earth.”

Come, Saviour Jesu, from above,

Assist me with Thy heavenly grace,

Withdraw my heart from worldly love,

And for Thyself prepare the place.

O, let Thy sacred presence fill

And set my longing spirit free,

Which pants to have no other will,

But night and day to feast on Thee.

While in these regions here below,

No other good will I pursue;

I’ll bid this world of noise and show,

With all its flattering snares, adieu.

That path with humble speed I’ll seek

Wherein my Saviour’s footsteps shine;

Nor will I hear, nor will I speak

Of any other love than Thine.

To Thee my earnest soul aspires,

To Thee I offer all my vows;

Keep me from false and vain desires,

My God, my Saviour, and my Spouse.

Henceforth may no profane delight

Divide this consecrated soul;

Possess it Thou, who hast the right,

As Lord and Master of the whole.

Wealth, honour, pleasure, or what else

This short-enduring world can give,

Tempt as you will, my heart repels,

To Christ alone resolved to live.

Thee I can love, and Thee alone,

With holy peace and inward bliss;

To find Thou tak’st me for Thy own,

O, what a happiness is this!

Nor heaven nor earth do I desire,

But Thy pure love within my breast:

This, this I always will require,

And freely give up all the rest.

Thy gifts, if call’d for, I resign,

Pleased to receive, pleased to restore:

Gifts are Thy work; it shall be mine

The Giver only to adore.

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