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Second Hymn to Christ the King

Jesu, Thou art our King,

To me Thy succour bring.

Christ the mighty One art Thou,

Help for all on Thee is laid:

This the word; I claim it now,

Send me now the promised aid.

High on Thy Father’s throne,

O, look with pity down!

Help, O, help! attend my call,

Captive lead captivity;

King of glory, Lord of all,

Christ, be Lord, be King to me!

I pant to feel Thy sway,

And only Thee to obey.

Thee my spirit gasps to meet;

This my one, my ceaseless prayer,

Make, O, make my heart Thy seat;

O, set up Thy kingdom there!

Triumph and reign in me,

And spread Thy victory:

Hell and death and sin control,

Pride, and self, and every foe,5353MS. correction, “Pride, self-will;” and in the Large Hymn-Book, “Pride and wrath.”

All subdue; through all my soul

Conquering and to conquer go.

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