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Hymn to Christ the King

Jesu, my God and King,

Thy regal state I sing.

Thou, and only Thou art great,

High Thine everlasting throne;

Thou the sovereign Potentate,

Blest, immortal Thou alone.

Essay your choicest strains,

The King Messiah reigns!

Tune your harps, celestial choir,

Joyful all, your voices raise,

Christ, than earth-born monarchs higher,

Sons of men and angels, praise.

Hail your dread Lord and ours,

Dominions, thrones, and powers!

Source of power, He rules alone:

Veil your eyes, and prostrate fall,

Cast your crowns before His throne,

Hail the Cause, the Lord of all!

Let earth’s remotest bound

With echoing joys resound;

Christ to praise let all conspire:

Praise doth all to Christ belong;

Shout, ye first-born sons of fire;

Earth, repeat the glorious song.

Worthy, O Lord, art Thou

That every knee should bow,

Every tongue to Thee confess,

Universal Nature join

Strong and mighty Thee to bless,

Gracious, merciful, benign!

Wisdom is due to Thee,

And might and majesty:

Thee in mercy rich we prove;

Glory, honour, praise receive;

Worthy Thou of all our love,

More than all we pant to give.

Justice and truth maintain

Thy everlasting reign.

One with Thine almighty Sire,

Partner of an equal throne,

King of hearts, let all conspire

Gratefully Thy sway to own.

Prince of the hosts of God,

Display Thy power abroad:

Strong and high is Thy right hand,

Terrible in majesty!

Who can in Thine anger stand?

Who the vengeful bolt can flee?

Thee when the dragon’s pride

To battle vain defied,

Brighter than the morning star,

Lucifer as lightning fell,

Far from heaven, from glory far,

Headlong hurl’d to deepest hell.

Sin felt of old Thy power,

Thou patient Conqueror!

Long he vex’d the world below,

Long they groan’d beneath his reign;

Thou destroy’dst the tyrant foe,

Thou redeem’dst the captive, man.

Trembles the King of Fears

Whene’er Thy cross appears.

Once its dreadful force he found:

Saviour, cleave again the sky;

Slain by an eternal wound,

Death shall then for ever die!

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