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The Saviour Glorified by All

From the German.5454This noble composition was inserted by Wesley in his first book, 1738. It stands No. 68 in the Herrnhuth Collection, “Dich, Jesu, loben wir,” and is given by Dr. Knapp as from the Pennsylvanian Collection of 1844, without any author’s name. E. L., p.236.

Thou, Jesu, art our King,

Thy ceaseless praise we sing:

Praise shall our glad tongue employ,

Praise o’erflow our grateful soul,

While we vital breath enjoy,

While eternal ages roll.

Thou art the Eternal Light,

That shin’st in deepest night.

Wondering gazed the angelic train,

While Thou bow’dst the heavens beneath,

God with God wert man with man,

Man to save from endless death.

Thou for our pain didst mourn,

Thou hast our sickness borne

All our sins on Thee were laid;

Thou with unexampled grace

All the mighty debt hast paid

Due from Adam’s helpless race.

Thou hast o’erthrown the foe,

God’s kingdom fix’d below.

Conqueror of all adverse power,

Thou heaven’s gates hast open’d wide:

Thou Thine own dost lead secure

In Thy cross, and by Thy side.

Enthroned above yon sky,

Thou reign’st with God Most High.

Prostrate at Thy feet we fall:

Power supreme to Thee is given;

Thee, the righteous Judge of all,

Sons of earth and hosts of heaven.

Cherubs with seraphs join

And in Thy praise combine:

All their choirs Thy glories sing:

Who shall dare with Thee to vie?

Mighty Lord, eternal King,

Sovereign both of earth and sky

Hail, venerable train,

Patriarchs, first-born of men!

Hail, apostles of the Lamb,

By whose strength ye faithful proved!

Join to extol His sacred name

Whom in life and death ye loved.

The church through all her bounds

With Thy high praise resounds.

Confessors undaunted here

Unashamed proclaim their King;

Children’s feebler voices there

To Thy name Hosannas sing.

’Midst danger’s blackest frown

Thee hosts of martyrs own.

Pain and shame alike they dare,

Firmly, singularly good;

Glorying Thy cross to bear,

Till they seal their faith with blood.

Even Heathens feel Thy power,

Thou suffering Conqueror!

Thousand virgins, chaste and clean,

From love’s pleasing witchcraft free,

Fairer than the sons of men,

Consecrate their hearts to Thee.

Wide earth’s remotest bound

Full of Thy praise is found:

And all heaven’s eternal day

With Thy streaming glory flames:

All Thy foes shall melt away

From the insufferable beams.

O Lord, O God of Love,

Let us Thy mercy prove!

King of all, with pitying eye

Mark the toil, the pains we feel:

’Midst the snares of death we lie,

’Midst the banded powers of hell.

Arise, stir up Thy power,

Thou deathless Conqueror!

Help us to obtain the prize,

Help us well to close our race;

That with Thee above the skies

Endless joys we may possess.

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