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Third Hymn to Christ

Still, O my soul, prolong

The never-ceasing song!

Christ my theme, my hope, my joy;

His be all my happy days,

Praise my every hour employ,

Every breath be spent in praise.

His would I wholly be

Who lived and died for me:

Grief was all His life below,

Pain and poverty and loss:

Mine the sins that bruised Him so,

Scourged and nail’d Him to the cross.

He bore the curse of all,

A spotless criminal:

Burden’d with a world of guilt,

Blacken’d with imputed sin,

Man to save His blood He spilt,

Died, to make the sinner clean.

Join, earth and heaven, to bless

The Lord our righteousness!

Mystery of redemption this,

This the Saviour’s strange design,

Man’s offence was counted His,

Ours is righteousness Divine.

Far as our parent’s fall

The gift is come to all:

Sinn’d we all, and died in one?

Just in One we all are made;

Christ the law fulfill’d alone,

Died for all, for all obey’d.

In Him complete we shine;

His death, His life is mine.

Fully am I justified,

Free from sin, and more than free;

Guiltless, since for me He died,

Righteous, since He lived for me!

Jesu! to Thee I bow,

Saved to the utmost now.

O the depth of love Divine!

Who Thy wisdom’s stores can tell?

Knowledge infinite is Thine,

All Thy ways unsearchable!

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