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Hymn After the Sacrament

Sons of God, triumphant rise,

Shout the accomplish’d Sacrifice!

Shout your sins in Christ forgiven,

Sons of God, and heirs of heaven!

Ye that round our altars throng,

Listening angels, join the song:

Sing with us, ye heavenly powers,

Pardon, grace, and glory ours!

Love’s mysterious work is done!

Greet we now the accepted Son,

Heal’d and quicken’d by His blood,

Join’d to Christ, and one with God.

Christ, of all our hopes the seal;

Peace Divine in Christ we feel,

Pardon to our souls applied:

Dead for all, for me He died!

Sin shall tyrannise no more,

Purged its guilt, dissolved its power;

Jesus makes our hearts His throne,

There He lives, and reigns alone.

Grace our every thought controls,

Heaven is open’d in our souls,

Everlasting life is won,

Glory is on earth begun.

Christ in us; in Him we see

Fulness of the Deity.

Beam of the Eternal Beam;

Life Divine we taste in Him!

Him we only taste below;

Mightier joys ordain’d to know,

Him when fully ours we prove,

Ours the heaven of perfect love!

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