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Acts 2:41, &c.

The word pronounced, the Gospel-word,

The crowd with various hearts received:

In many a soul the Saviour stirr’d,

Three thousand yielded, and believed.

These by the apostles’ counsels led,

With them in mighty prayer combined,

Broke the commemorative bread,

Nor from the fellowship declined.

God from above, with ready grace

And deeds of wonder, guards His flock;

Trembles the world before their face,

By Jesus crush’d, their Conquering Rock.

The happy band whom Christ redeems,

One only will, one judgment know:

None this contentious earth esteems,

Distinctions or delights below.

The men of worldly wealth possess’d

Their selfish happiness remove,

Sell, and divide it to the rest,

And buy the blessedness of love.

Thus in the presence of their God,

Jesus their life, and heaven their care,

With single heart they took their food,

Heighten’d by Eucharist and prayer.

God in their every work was praised:

The people bless’d the law benign:

Daily the Church, His arm had raised,

Received the sons of mercy in.

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