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Prayer to Christ Before the Sacrament

From the same.6060Author unknown. Both this and the following are for some unexplained reason marked for omission in the copy corrected for a sixth edition.

O Thou, whom sinners love, whose care

Does all our sickness heal,

Thee we approach, with heart sincere,

Thy power we joy to feel.

To Thee our humblest thanks we pay,

To Thee our souls we bow;

Of hell erewhile the helpless prey,

Heirs of Thy glory now.

As incense to Thy throne above,

O, let our prayers arise!

O, wing with flames of holy love

Our living sacrifice!

Stir up Thy strength, O Lord of Might,

Our willing breasts inspire:

Fill our whole souls with heavenly light,

Melt with seraphic fire.

From Thy blest wounds our life we draw;

Thy all-atoning blood

Daily we drink with trembling awe;

Thy flesh our daily food.

Come, Lord, Thy sovereign aid impart,

Here make Thy likeness shine!

Stamp Thy whole image on our heart,

And all our souls be Thine!

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