Essays and Reviews: The Education of the World, Bunsen's Biblical Researches, On the Study of the Evidences of Christianity; Seances Historiques

by Frederick Temple


Essays and Reviews: (1860) published by John W. Parker and Son (London) gathers seven essays by noted theologians. The first essay, The Education of the World, by Frederick Temple sets forth a sequence for learning. Simplistically put, education starts with the Law, then Christ’s examples/teachings while on earth and the final piece is the whole of the scriptures. Mark Patterson’s essay, Tendencies of Religious Thought in England is included in this volume. Other essayists are Benjamin Jowett, C.W. Goodwin, Henry Bristow Wilson, Baden Powell and Rowland Williams.

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Picture of Frederick Temple
Picture of Frederick Temple
Source: Wikipedia
Born: November 30, 1821
Died: December 23, 1902
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