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Meditations on the Life and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The First Chapter. A Confession on bended knees to implore God’s goodness

The Second Chapter. A devout Meditation and Thanksgiving on the Incarnation and Life of Jesus

The Third Chapter. Of the washing of the disciples’ feet

The Fourth Chapter. Of the Institution of the Worshipful and most August Sacrament

The Fifth Chapter. A devout Prayer to the Worshipful Sacrament

The Sixth Chapter. A devout Exercise on the Passion of our Lord

The Seventh Chapter. Of the great Sorrow and Anguish which Christ underwent in the Garden, at the thought of His Passion hanging over Him

The Eighth Chapter. A Prayer and Offering for Sins

The Ninth Chapter. A Prayer to the Son for Pardon, and the grace of Self-denial

The Tenth Chapter. Jesus goeth to meet His Enemies

The Eleventh Chapter. A Prayer for perfect Self-denial and Love

The Twelfth Chapter. Jesus is taken and bound

The Thirteenth Chapter. A very humble Confession of Sins, and a Prayer to the Father for Forgiveness

The Fourteenth Chapter. Jesus is forsaken by His Disciples

The Fifteenth Chapter. Jesus is led to Annas

The Sixteenth Chapter. A Prayer that we may follow Christ

The Seventeenth Chapter. Jesus is led to Caiaphas

The Eighteenth Chapter. Mary followeth Jesus her Son

The Nineteenth Chapter. Of the Compassion of the Virgin Mother for her Son

The Twentieth Chapter. Jesus is delivered to Pilate

The Twenty-First Chapter. A Prayer that we may perfectly follow and love Jesus

The Twenty-Second Chapter. Jesus is led to Herod

The Twenty-third Chapter. Christ, after having been set at nought by Herod, is led back to Pilate

The Twenty-fourth Chapter. Jesus is fearfully Scourged

The Twenty-fifth Chapter. A devout prayer for the forgiveness of sins, and for resignation, and the love of Jesus

The Twenty-sixth Chapter. Jesus is crowned with thorns

The Twenty-seventh Chapter. A prayer for enlightenment

The Twenty-eighth Chapter. Christ is shown to the people by the Governor, with the words: “Behold the Man!”

The Twenty-ninth Chapter. The burden of the Cross is laid on Jesus

The Thirtieth Chapter. Mary, the Mother of Sorrows, followeth her sorrowing Son

The Thirty-first Chapter. A Prayer to the Father of Heaven

The Thirty-second Chapter. Jesus is given vinegar to drink

The Thirty-third Chapter. Jesus is again stripped of His garments

The Thirty-fourth Chapter. Jesus is fastened on the Cross

The Thirty-fifth Chapter. A prayer to Jesus Crucified

The Thirty-sixth Chapter. Jesus with the Cross is lifted up on high

The Thirty-seventh Chapter. Jesus was numbered with thieves

The Thirty-eighth Chapter. Of the glorious title of Christ’s Cross

The Thirty-Ninth Chapter. Jesus clotheth those who had crucified Him

The Fortieth Chapter. Jesus is attacked with blaspshemies

The Forty-first Chapter. A devout confession and prayer for sins

The Forty-second Chapter. To stir up the soul to praise God

The Forty-third Chapter. Jesus saveth the thief

The Forty-fourth Chapter. Jesus addresseth His sorrow-stricken Mother

The Forty-fifth Chapter. The Sun is darkened

The Forty-sixth Chapter. “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

The Forty-seventh Chapter. Jesus complaineth of His thirst

The Forty-eighth Chapter. Jesus drinketh vinegar and gall upon the Cross

The Forty-ninth Chapter. “It is finished.”

The Fiftieth Chapter. “Father, into Thy hands I commend my Spirit.”

The Fifty-first Chapter. Jesus giveth up the Ghost

The Fifty-second Chapter. The veil of the Temple is rent in twain

The Fifty-third Chapter. Jesus is pierced with the lance

The Fifty-fourth Chapter. Jesus is taken down from the Cross

The Fifty-fifth Chapter. A devout Prayer for conformity to the sacred life and crucified image of Jesus Christ


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