Henry Suso

German mystic and Dominican friar


March 21, 1295
January 25, 1366


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While studying at Cologne, Heinrich (Henry) Suso came under the influence of Meister Eckhart, whose writings he defended against charges of heresy. He became a popular preacher and was associated with Johannes Tauler.

At first harshly ascetic, he gradually emphasized detachment rather than mortification as central in the Christian discipline. His mysticism was expressed in terms of the contemporary literary romantic cult of the minnesingers. This gave him the epithet "Sweet Suso". His writings include Das B├╝chlein der ewigen Weisheit [the little book of eternal wisdom], an autobiography and a guide to beginners in the spiritual life; Das Minneb├╝chlein [the little book of love]; a scholarly defense of Eckhart and an attack on the Beghards and Brethren of the Free Spirit; and miscellaneous sermons. He was beatified in 1831.

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