Puritan Catechism

by C. H. Spurgeon


Puritan Catechism by Charles Haddon Spurgeon is a compilation of questions and answers gleaned from the Baptist Catechism and the Westminster Assembly catechism. Spurgeon used his version of the catechism for the people of the church he pastored. He also intended for the Puritan Catechism to be used in homes and Bible Study groups. Spurgeon understood that raising families in a society that was becoming more difficult to raise Godly children was getting more complex. And those children would need a strong faith as they grew older. There are 82 questions and answers in this catechism. Each answer has biblical references listed as the basis for the response. At the age of 21, Spurgeon published this catechism in 1855.

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Picture of C. H. Spurgeon
Picture of C. H. Spurgeon
Source: Wikipedia
Born: June 19, 1834
Died: January 31, 1892
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