Expositor's Bible: The Book of Ezekiel

by John Skinner


The Book of Ezekiel (1895) is part of the original fifty volumes, The Expositor's Bible, edited by W. Robertson Nicoll. This commentary on Ezekiel was written by the Rev. John Skinner. Skinner was an Old Testament Professor at a London college. His explanation of Ezekiel is divided into five sections, the first of which is Ezekiel's call. Prophecies about Jerusalem and her enemies are the topics of the next two sections. Section 4 is all about Israel's restoration, and Skinner wraps up with"The Ideal Theocracy." Several indexes are available for the location of Hebrew and Latin words, and the chapters of Ezekiel referenced.

Wailand Groenendyk
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About John J. Skinner

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  Born: AD 1851
Died: AD 1925
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