In His Steps

by C. M. Sheldon


Christians familiar with the acronym WWJD (what would Jesus do?) will find the genesis of the WWJD movement in the pages of In His Steps. Written by the 19th century pastor, theologian, author, and forerunner of the social gospel movement Charles Sheldon, In His Steps tells the story of Christians who challenge themselves to live as Christ would for a year. Although the book was originally published in 1896, modern readers will find themes that resonate with the current religious and political atmosphere. What does it mean to be a Christian and a citizen? Does the church reflect the teachings of Christ in daily life or are Sunday sermons and hymns merely virtuous platitudes? Follow the lives of seven Christians as they wrestle with the practical implications of living the gospel in Sheldon’s classic In His Steps.

Andrew Hanson
CCEL Intern

About C. M. Sheldon

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Picture of C. M. Sheldon
Picture of C. M. Sheldon
Source: Wikipedia
Born: February 26, 1857
Died: February 24, 1946
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