S. B. Shaw

Methodist Episcopal minister, historian, essayist and editor


AD 1854
AD 1900 to AD 1999


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Solomon Benjamin Shaw was a Methodist Episcopal minister, historian, essayist and editor. Solomon and Etta Ellen were married McBride, Montcalm County, Michigan. Solomon resided in Chicago, llinois for a time before taking up his principal residence in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

During the period 1877 to 1901, much controversy erupted in Protestant Christianity over the matter of 'holiness' movements. Solomon Benjamin Shaw as editor of theMichigan Holiness Record, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, attended conventions trying to deal with the subject, convened in Cincinnati and New York (1877); Jacksonville, Illinois (1880); Round Lake, New York (1882); Chicago 1885; and again in Chicago in 1901.

Rev. Shaw labored on what he referred to as the "undenominational line". This stand constituted a middle ground between the association plan favored by the denomination-oriented members of the National and the independent congregationalists of the movement. "Our work is not to build up or tear down churches, but to save souls and to lead God's people into the glorious experience of entire sanctification regardless of denominational lines," he said.

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