On the Government of God: A Treatise Wherein Are Shown by Argument and by Examples Drawn from the Abandoned Society of the Times the Ways of God To

by Salvian


On the Government of God is, as its subtitle indicates, a treatise by Salvian, a fifth-century Master of Bishops. The book begins with an introduction to the author and a review of his other writings. Eight"books" make up the core of this book. Each book explores examples of God's governance and mankind's reaction to being governed. From the fifth century and prior history, Salvian draws on biblical and current events, mainly focusing on the Roman Empire. The violence, lack of regard for life, and immorality of the empire come in direct contrast to the"Law" of God. Salvian also addresses the reaction of the Church and Christians to the government of God.

Wailand Groenendyk
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  Born: AD 400
Died: January 1, AD 480
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