Words of John Robinson

by John Robinson


Words of John Robinson is a must read for American history buffs who are interested in the role of religion in America's founding. Here we have formal and casual writings of John Robinson who was the Pilgrims' Separatist pastor in England and Holland. Each work takes the reader back to time when religious beliefs impacted not only your spiritual life but your physical safety from government persecution. Robinson's encouragements, admonitions, teachings, and warnings are found here in this volume. Not only are Robinson's words to the Pilgrims recorded but his letters to leaders such as John Carver, Governor Bradford, Elder Brewster and Sir John Wolstenholme. Also included in this book is"Bradford's Account of Robinson's Death, with letter from Roger White." This is followed by a personal reflection on the life of Robinson by Governor William Bradford. The postscript reminds the reader that for further reading there is the three volume set of books containing Robinson's works that was edited by Robert Ashton and published in 1851.

Wailand Groenendyk
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  Born: AD 1575
Died: March 1, 1625
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