Word Pictures in the New Testament - Philippians

by A.T. Robertson


A. T. Robertson was a renowned Greek New Testament scholar. His work on the Greek language is still consulted today. Word Pictures in the New Testament is his insightful treatment of that book. In the Greek New Testament, there are a variety of meaningful pictorial nuances implicit in the Greek constructions. These nuances are often lost in translation. Word Pictures in the New Testament explains them. Robertson examines Greek constructions from many different Testament passages. He provides background to many of the Greek words and their connotations in the original Greek, thereby shedding new light on the meaning of passages. Many readers have gained a new, richer understanding of the New Testament by studying Word Pictures in the New Testament. And although no technical knowledge is required to study this work, familiarity with the Greek language makes this work much easier to digest. Consequently, it is ideal for pastors, theologians, and students of the New Testament.

Tim Perrine
CCEL Staff Writer

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Picture of A. T. Robertson
Picture of A. T. Robertson
Source: stilltruth.com
Born: November 6, 1863
Died: September 24, 1934
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