Holiness Teachings - The Life And Work of B. T. Roberts

by Benson H. Roberts


Compiled and edited by his son, Benson Roberts, this volume contains a selection of Benjamin Roberts’ sermons and other works. B.T. Roberts delivered many of his sermons at revivalist camp meetings, to which hundreds of Christians would come. As well as calling people to commit their lives to Christ totally, he spoke on behalf of worker’s rights, women’s rights, abolitionism, and the temperance movement. Unwilling to compromise any of his convictions, he followed the leaders of the Holiness Movement in breaking away from the Methodist Episcopal Church and forming the Free Methodist Church. Roberts’ vision for transforming the world through Christian teaching has since been memorialized in the name and vision of Roberts Wesleyan College.

Kathleen O’Bannon
CCEL Staff

About Benson H. Roberts

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Picture of Benson H. Roberts
  Born: AD 1853
Died: AD 1930
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