Persuasive to a Holy Life: from the Happiness Which Attends It Both in This World, and in the World to Come.

by John Ray


A Persuasive to a Holy Life from the Happiness Which Attends it Both in this World, and In the World to Come, was published in 1719. John Ray, the author, wrote this"persuasive" toward the end of his life as he was suffering from chronic illness and sores that would not heal. In his introduction, Ray states that he is at that stage in life where death is a reality to be contemplated and prepared for. In this work, Ray defines"holiness" and"happiness" before expounding upon various facets if happiness which include health, safety, riches, pleasure, honor, and friends. Ray wraps up his"persuasive" with a couple of chapters on internal happiness and the happiness yet to come through eternal life.

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Picture of John Ray
Picture of John Ray
Source: Wikipedia
Born: November 29, 1627
Died: January 17, 1705
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