Expositor's Bible: The Pastoral Epistles

by Plummer, Alfred


Expositor's Bible: The Pastoral Epistles is part of the original fifty volumes known as The Expositor's Bible, edited by W. Robertson Nicoll. These commentaries on the books of I and II Timothy and Titus are written by Alfred Plummer. The introduction chapter to these works is a defense of their authenticity as writings of Paul. Plummer explains why these three epistles are called the"Pastoral Epistles." Chapters 2 through 17 describe the content of I Timothy. Chapters 18 through 26 lead the reader through the verses of Titus. The last eleven chapters of this commentary explain Paul's second letter to Timothy. An index of terms, people, and topics is included in this work.

Wailand Groenendyk
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  Born: January 17, 1841
Died: January 17, 1926
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