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The Epistle of St. James.

Chapter II. The Authenticity of the Epistle of St. James.

Chapter III. The Author of the Epistle: James the Brother of the Lord.

Chapter IV. The Persons Addressed in the Epistle; The Jews of the Dispersion.

Chapter V. The Relation of this Epistle to the Writings of St. Paul and of St. Peter.--The Date of the Epistle.--The Doctrine of Joy in Temptation.

Chapter VI. The Relation of this Epistle to the Books of Ecclesiasticus and of the Wisdom of Solomon.--The Value of the Apocrypha, and the Mischief of Neglecting It.

Chapter VII. The exaltation of the Lowly, and the Fading Away of the Rich.--The Metaphors of St. James and the Parables of Christ.

Chapter VIII. The Source of Temptations and the Reality of Sin.--The Difficulties of the Determinist.

Chapter IX. The Delusion of Hearing Without Doing.--The Mirror of God's Word.

Chapter X. The Christology of St. James.--The Practical Unbelief Involved in Showing a Wordly Respect of Persons in Public Worship.

Chapter XI. The Iniquity of Respecting the Rich and Despising the Poor.--The Solidarity of the Divine Law.

Chapter XII. Faith and Works: Three Views of the Relation of the Teaching of St. James to the Teaching of St. Paul.--The Relation of Luther to Both.

Chapter XIII. The Faith of the Demons; the Faith of Abraham; and the Faith of Rahab the Harlot.

Chapter XIV. The Heavy Responsibilities of Teachers.--The Powers and Propensities of the Tongue.--The Self-defilement of the Reckless Talker.

Chapter XV. The Moral Contradictions in the Reckless Talker.

Chapter XVI. The Wisdom That is from Below.

Chapter XVII. The Wisdom That is from Above.

Chapter XVIII. St. James and Plato on Lusts As the Causes of Strife; Their Effect on Prayer.

Chapter XIX. The Seductions of the World, and the Jealousy of the Divine Love.

Chapter XX. The Power of Satan and Its Limits.--Humility the Foundation of Penitence and of Holiness.

Chapter XXI. Self-assurance and Invasion of Divine Prerogatives Involved in the Love of Censuring Othes.

Chapter XXII. Self-assurance and Invasion of Divine Prerogatives Involved in Presuming upon Our Future.--The Doctine of Probabilism.

Chapter XXIII. The Follies and Iniquities of the Rich; Their Miserable End.

Chapter XXIV. Patience in Waiting.--The Endurince of Job.--The Significance of the Mention of Job by St. James.

Chapter XXV. The Prohibition of Swearing.--The Relation of the Language of St. James to Recorded Sayings of Christ.

Chapter XXVI. Worship the Best Outlet and Remedy for Excitement.--The Connexion Between Worship and Conduct.

Chapter XXVIII. The Public and Private Confession of Sins.--The Lawfulness of Prayers for Rain.

Chapter XXIX. The Work of Converting Sinners; Its Conditions and Rewards.

The General Epistle of St. Jude.



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