Paley's Natural theology, with illustrative notes

by William Paley


Paley's Natural Theology, With Illustrative Notes by William Paley, is a"proof-of-God" book. Paley was a minister, philosopher, and apologist for the Christian faith during the latter half of the 18th century. It is Paley's premise that we live in a good world, and the"goodness" of nature is proof that God not only exists but that God is good. The very nature of nature, its order, its predictability, its design, is proof of a creator God. His positive outlook on the world is evident throughout his writing.

Wailand Groenendyk
CCEL Staff Writer

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Picture of William Paley
Picture of William Paley
Source: Wikipedia
Born: July 14, 1743
Died: May 25, 1805
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