Theology of the Old Testament

by Gustav F. Oehler


Gustav Oehler's impressive study of the Old Testament is rich with historical and theological substance. Part I focuses on the history of the revelation in the Old Testament from the perspective of the Biblical people. Oehler explores the many factors that influenced Divine Revelation and prophecy in the Old Testament. Oehler concludes this section with two doctrines. The first is the Doctrine of God, in which he surveys the names and personalities of God revealed in the Old Testament. The second is the Doctrine of Humankind, which discusses human nature, human purpose, and human relation to sin. In Part II, Oehler writes about the Old Testament prophets and the essential elements of prophecy. Finally, Oehler concludes with Part III, a shorter section in which he explores wisdom and morality as it is portrayed in the Old Testament. Oehler's critical and exegetical analysis is filled with valuable information.

Emmalon Davis
CCEL Staff Writer

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Picture of Gustav F. Oehler
Picture of Gustav F. Oehler
Source: Wikipedia
Born: June 10, 1812
Died: February 19, 1872
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