–A mode of revelation Nu 12:6; 1Sa 3:1; 2Ch 26:5; Ps 89:19; Pr 29:18; Jer 14:14; 23:16; Da 1:17; Ho 12:10; Joe 2:28; Ob 1:1; Hab 2:2; Ac 2:17

–Of Abraham

.Concerning his descendants Ge 15:1-17

–Of Jacob

.Of the ladder with ascending and descending angels Ge 28:12

.At Beer-sheba Ge 46:2

–Of Joshua

.Of the captain of the Lord’ s army Jos 5:13-15

–Of Moses

.Of the burning bush Ex 3:2

.Of the glory of God Ex 24:9-11; 33:18-23

–Of the Israelites

.Of the manifestation of the glory of God Ex 24:10,17; Heb 12:18-21

–Of Balaam

.In a trance Ac 22:17-21


–Of Elisha

.At the transporting of Elijah 2Ki 2:11

–Of Elisha’ s servant

.Of the chariots of the Lord 2Ki 6:17

–Of Micaiah

.Of the defeat of the Israelites; of the Lord on his throne; and of a lying spirit 1Ki 22:17-23; 2Ch 18:16-22

–Of David

.Of the angel of the Lord beside the threshing-floor of Ornan 1Ch 21:15-18

–Of Job

.Of a spirit Job 4:12-16

–Of Isaiah

.Of the Lord and his glory in the temple Isa 6

.Of the valley of vision Isa 22

–Of Jeremiah

.Of an almond rod Jer 1:11

.Of the seething pot Jer 1:13

–Of Ezekiel

.Of the glory of God Eze 1:3,12-14; 23

.Of the roll Eze 2:9

.Of the man of fire Eze 8; 9

.Of the coals of fire Eze 10:1-7

.Of the dry bones Eze 37:1-14

.Of the city and temple Eze 40:48

.Of the waters Eze 47:1-12

–Of Daniel

.Of the four beasts Da 7

.Of the Ancient of Days Da 7:9-27

.Of the ram and the he-goat Da 8

.Of the angel Da 10

–Of Amos

.Of grasshoppers Am 7:1,2

.Of fire Am 7:4

.Of a plumb-line Am 7:7,8

.Of summer fruit Am 8:1,2

.Of the temple Am 9:1

–Of Zechariah

.Of horses Zec 1:8-11

.Of horns and carpenters Zec 1:18-21

.Of the high priest Zec 3:1-5

.Of the golden lampstand Zec 4

.Of the flying roll Zec 5:1-4

.Of the mountains and chariots Zec 6:1-8

–Of Zacharias

.In the temple Lu 1:13-22

–Of John the Baptist

.At the immersion of Jesus Mt 3:16; Mr 1:10; Lu 3:22; Joh 1:32-34

–Peter, James, and John

.Of the transfiguration of Jesus and the appearance of Moses and Elijah Mt 17:1-9; Lu 9:28-36

–Of the people

.Of the tongues of fire at Pentecost Ac 2:2,3

–Of Stephen

.Of Christ Ac 7:55,56

–Of Paul

.Of Christ, on the way to Damascus Ac 9:3-6; 1Co 9:1

.Of Ananias Ac 9:12

.Of a man of Macedonia, saying, “Come over into Macedonia, and help us,” Ac 16:9

.In Corinth Ac 18:9,10

.In a trance Ac 22:17-21

.Of Paradise 2Co 12:1-4

–Of Ananias

.Of Christ Ac 9:10-12

–Of Cornelius, the centurion

.Of an angel Ac 10:3

–Of Peter

.Of the sheet which was lowered from the sky Ac 10:9-18

–Of John on the island of Patmos

.The Book of Revelation

.Of Christ and the golden lampstands Re 1:10-20

.The open door Re 4:1

.A rainbow and the throne Re 4:2,3

.The twenty-four elders Re 4:4

.The seven lamps Re 4:5

.The sea of glass Re 4:6

.The four living creatures Re 4:6-8

.The book with seven seals Re 5:1-5

.The golden vials Re 5:8

.The six seals Re 6

.The four horses Re 6:2-8

.The earthquake and the celestial phenomena Re 6:12; 14

.The four angels Re 7:1

.The sealing of the one hundred and forty four thousand Re 7:2-8

.The seventh seal and the seven angels Re 8:11

.The censer Re 8:5

.The hail and fire Re 8:7

.The mountain that was thrown into the sea Re 8:8,9

.The falling star Re 8:10,11; 9:1

.One-third of the sun, the moon, and the stars were darkened Re 8:12

.The bottomless pit Re 9:2

.The locusts Re 9:3-11

.The four angels released from the Euphrates River Re 9:14

.The army of horsemen Re 9:16-19

.The angel that had a book Re 10:1-10

.The seven thunders Re 10:3,4

.The measurement of the temple Re 11:1,2

.The two witnesses Re 11:3-12

.The court of the Gentiles Re 11:2

.The two olive trees and the two lampstands Re 11:4

.The beast that came up out of the bottomless pit Re 11:7

.The fall of the city Re 11:13

.The second and third woes Re 11:14

.The woman clothed with the sun; the birth of the male infant Re 12

.The red dragon Re 12:3-17

.The war in heaven Re 12:7-9

.The beast rising out of the sea Re 13:1-10

.The beast coming out of the earth Re 13:11-18

.The Lamb on Mount Zion Re 14:1-5

.The angel having the everlasting gospel Re 14:6,7

.The angel proclaiming the fall of Babylon Re 14:8-13

.A son of man with a sickle Re 14:14-16

.The angel reaping the harvest Re 14:14-20

.The angel coming out of the temple Re 14:17-19

.The angel having power over fire Re 14:18

.The vine and the winepress Re 14:18-20

.The angels with the seven last plagues Re 15

.The sea of glass Re 15:2

.The temple opened Re 15:5

.The plague upon the men who had the mark of the beast Re 16:2

.The sea turned into blood Re 16:3

.The seven angels with the seven vials of the wrath of God Re 16; 17

.The destruction of Babylon Re 18

.The multitude praising Re 19:1-9

.The one who is faithful and true, riding a white horse Re 19:11-16

.The angel in the sun Re 19:17-21

.Satan bound for one-thousand years Re 20:1-3

.The thrones of judgment, and the resurrection, and the release of Satan Re 20:1-10

.The great white throne Re 20:11

.The opening of the Book of Life Re 20:12

.Death and hell (gehenna) Re 20:14

.The New Jerusalem Re 21

.The River of Life Re 22:1

.The Tree of Life Re 22:2


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