Nave's Topical Bible.

by Orville J. Nave


Written before the age of computers, Orville J. Nave's Topical Bible is a true work of art. Nave spent 14 years studying the King James Version of the Bible with his wife, and created this concordance of over 20,000 topics in 1896. Each topic has multiple scripture references, which give the reader a complete sense of the word or phrase, and make this volume more helpful for beginners than a traditional concordance. Users are also able to search for all the verses related to a topic or all the topics related to a verse. Topics range from the broad (concepts like salvation or repentance) to the minute (references to rope or doves in scripture). The book also includes listings for names and places in the Bible. A true cornerstone of Biblical knowledge, Nave's Topical Bible is endorsed and used by Christians of all backgrounds. Though it was first completed over a century ago, this enduring Biblical reference book is still sure to suit any need.

Abby Zwart
CCEL Staff Writer

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  Born: AD 1841
Died: AD 1917
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