–Evanescent Job 20:8

–Vanity of Ec 5:3,7


.Of Abimelech,, concerning Sarah Ge 20:3

.Of Jacob, concerning the ladder Ge 28:12

.The ring-straked cattle Ge 31:10-13

.Concerning his going down into Egypt Ge 46:2

.Of Laban, concerning Jacob Ge 31:24

.Of Joseph, concerning the sheaves Ge 37:5-10

.Of Midianite concerning the cake of barley Jud 7:13

.Of Solomon, concerning his choice of wisdom 1Ki 3:3-15

.Of Eliphaz, of a spirit speaking to him Job 4:12-21

.Of Daniel, concerning the four beasts Da 7

.Of Joseph, concerning Mary’s innocence Mt 1:20,21

.Concerning the flight into Egypt Mt 2:13

.Concerning the return into Palestine Mt 2:19-22

.Of Pilate’s wife, concerning Jesus Mt 27:19

.Cornelius vision, concerning Peter Ac 10:3-6

.Peter’s vision of the ceremonially unclean creatures Ac 10:10-16

.Paul’s vision of the man in Macedonia, crying, “Come over into Macedonia,” Ac 16:9

.Relating to his going to Rome Ac 23:11

.Concerning the shipwreck, and the safety of all on board Ac 28:23,24

.Revelations by Nu 12:6; Jer 23:28; Joe 2:28; Ac 2:17

.The dreams of the butler and baker Ge 40:8-23

.Pharaoh Ge 41:1-36

.Interpreted by Joseph Ge 40:12,13,18,19; 41:25-32

.Daniel Da 2:16-23,28-30; 4

.Delusive Isa 29:7,8

.False prophets pretended to receive revelations through De 13:1-5; Jer 23:25-32; 27:9; 29:8; Zec 10:2


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