–1. Also called ZIDON

.Son of Canaan Ge 10:15; 1Ch 1:13

–2. A city on the northern boundary of the Canaanites Ge 10:19

.Designated by Jacob as the border of the tribe of Zebulun Ge 49:13

.Was on the northern boundary of the tribe of Asher Jos 19:28; 2Sa 24:6

.Belonged to the land of Israel according to a promise Jos 13:6

.Inhabitants of, lived in security and without a worry Jud 18:7

.Israelites failed to make conquest of Jud 1:31; 3:3

.The inhabitants of, contributed cedar for the first and second temple 1Ki 5:6; 1Ch 22:4; Ezr 3:7

.Solomon marries women of 1Ki 11:1

.Ahab marries a woman of 1Ki 16:31

.People of, come to hear Jesus Mr 3:8; Lu 6:17

.Inhabitants of, offend Herod Agrippa I Ac 12:20-23

.Commerce of Isa 23:2,4,12

.The sailors of Eze 27:8

.Prophecies concerning Jer 25:15-22; 27:3-11; 47:4; Eze 28:21-23; 32:30; Joe 3:4-8

.Jesus visits the region of, and heals the daughter of the non-Jewish, Syro-Phoenician woman Mt 15:21-28; Mr 7:24-31

.Visited by Paul Ac 27:3

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