Handley Moule

Evangelical Anglican theologian, writer, poet, and Bishop of Durham from 1901-1920


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Moule was born in 1841 and died on May 8, 1920. He served as the Bishop of Durham from 1901-1920. He was an acute scholar and a powerful communicator.

Moule was schooled at home before entering Trinity College, Cambridge in 1860, where he graduated BA in 1864. He then took up a college fellowship and became an assistant master at Marlborough College before he was ordained deacon in 1867 and priest in 1868. Between 1867 and 1872 he was his father's curate, then for five years dean of Trinity. In 1880 he became the first principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and then in 1899 became Norrisian Professor of Divinity at the University of Cambridge, until his appointment as Bishop of Durham in 1901. Moule was active in the Higher Life movement and was one of the speakers at the inaugural Keswick Convention. He was a New Testament scholar who wrote over 60 books and pamphlets. He is buried in St Cuthbert's Cemetery, Durham.

Moule also wrote poems on religious subjects; he won the Seatonian Prize at Cambridge for sacred poetry 1869-1873 and again in 1876. He published at least two volumes of poetry in his lifetime, in addition to the prizewinning pieces. He wrote a number of hymns, of which "Lord and Savior, True and Kind" is probably the best known.

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