Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation

by St. Thomas More


Awaiting execution for treason against King Henry VIII after refusing to recognize the king as the Supreme Church Head of England, Thomas More wrote one of his greatest English works, A Dialogue of Comfort, to express his own thoughts on hope in the face of tribulation. In this fictional dialogue set in sixteenth century Hungary between a young Anthony and his dying uncle, Vincent, Anthony is terrified of an impending Turkish invasion and expresses his fears of dying a martyr to his uncle. Vincent responds with a message of comfort in God during difficulties and sufferings. A work that aptly conveys More's belief that God is and must be our only comfort, this book is a lasting legacy of hope in the faithfulness of God - both for More, and for the reader today.

Laura de Jong
CCEL Staff

About St. Thomas More

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Picture of St. Thomas More
Picture of St. Thomas More
Source: Wikipedia
Born: February 7, 1478
Died: July 6, 1535
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