Four-Fold Gospel

by John William McGarvey


This mixture of gospel harmony (a comparison of identical stories from each of the gospels, placed in chronological order) and commentary (a verse-by-verse analysis of a passage) by John William McGarvey is a highly technical but incomparably useful guide to the biblical Gospels. McGarvey, a serious student of the Bible and author of many other commentaries, is at his best here in the unique blend. Users should be sure to read the introductory sections in order to understand the abbreviations, symbols, and set-up of the volume to avoid confusion and to get optimal use from the source. This reference is a wonderful expansion of Gospel commentaries, and is one of the only books of its kind.

Abby Zwart
CCEL Staff Writer

About John William McGarvey

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Picture of John William  McGarvey
Picture of John William  McGarvey
Source: Wikipedia
Born: March 1, 1829
Died: October 6, 1911
Related topics: Travel, Disciples of Christ, Criticism, interpretation, etc., Commentaries, Bible, …
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