Guide for the Perplexed

by Moses Maimonides


In one of the greatest works of Jewish thought, Rabbi Maimonides explores the relationship between philosophical knowledge and the teachings of the Torah. He discusses the concept of God and explains how God should be described according to the Torah. Maimonides also spends a significant amount of time exploring the structure and characteristics of the universe. Here, it is important to note that Maimonides wrote in a time before the discoveries of science, so his Aristotelian worldview is framed by his philosophical and theological commitments. Maimonides also considers several mystic passages in the Torah in an attempt to challenge traditional Jewish accounts of these passages. His teachings are relevant to both Jewish and Christian communities and have influenced many writers since his time. In addition, this translation offers helpful background information regarding the life of Maimonides and his original Arabic text.

Emmalon Davis
CCEL Staff Writer

About Moses Maimonides

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Picture of Moses Maimonides
Picture of Moses Maimonides
Source: Wikipedia
Born: March 30, 1135
Died: December 13, 1204
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