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Expositions of Holy Scripture: St. Mark

Table of Contents

What ‘The Gospel’ Is.

The Strong Forerunner and the Stronger Son

Mighty in Word and Deed

Healing and Service

A Parable in a Miracle

Christ’s Touch

Christ’s Authority to Forgive

The Publican’s Friend

The Secret of Gladness

Works Which Hallow the Sabbath

The Anger and Grief of Jesus

Ambassadors for Christ

‘He Is Beside Himself’

The Mistakes of Christ’s Foes and Friends

Christ’s Kindred

Christ’s Relations

Four Soils for One Seed

Lamps and Bushels

The Storm Stilled

The Toiling Christ

The Lord of Demons

A Refused Request

Talitha Cumi

The Power of Feeble Faith

Touch or Faith

The Looks of Jesus

The Master Rejected: The Servants Sent Forth

Christ Thwarted

Herod—A Startled Conscience

The Martyrdom of John

The World’s Bread

Children and Little Dogs

The Pattern of Service

The Patient Teacher, and the Slow Scholars

The Religious Uses of Memory

The Gradual Healing of the Blind Man

Christ’s Cross, and Ours

The Transfiguration

‘This is My Beloved Son: Hear Him’

Jesus Only!

Christ’s Lament over Our Faithlessness

The Omnipotence of Faith

Unbelieving Belief

Receiving and Forbidding

An Unanswered Question

Salted with Fire

‘Salt in Yourselves’

Children and Childlike Men

Almost a Disciple

Christ on the Road to the Cross

Dignity and Service


An Eager Coming

Love’s Question

A Royal Progress

Christ’s Need of Us and Ours

Nothing but Leaves

Dishonest Tenants

God’s Last Arrow

Not Far and Not In

The Credulity of Unbelief

Authority and Work

The Alabaster Box

A Secret Rendezvous

The New Passover

‘Is It I?’

‘Strong Crying and Tears’

The Sleeping Apostle

The Captive Christ and the Circle Round Him

The Condemnation Which Condemns the Judges

Christ and Pilate: The True King and His Counterfeit

The Death Which Gives Life

Simon the Cyrenian

The Incredulous Disciples

Perpetual Youth

The Angel in the Tomb

Love’s Triumph Over Sin

‘First to Mary’

The World-wide Commission

The Enthroned Christ


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