Kirsopp Lake

British Biblical and patristic scholar


April 7, 1872
November 10, 1946
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Born at Southampton (England), Lake attended St. Paul's School, London, and Lincoln College, Oxford. After ordination into the Church of England he was curate of St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford, from 1897 to 1904. There he began his career as an academic writer, publishing The Text of the New Testament (1900).

For the next ten years Lake was professor of early Christian literature at the University of Leyden (Holland), where he wrote more books, including The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (1907). In 1914 be crossed the Atlantic to become a professor at Harvard. He remained at that school until his retirement in 1938.

Perhaps Lake's greatest contribution to learning was the series of volumes he wrote with F J. Foakes-Jackson entitled The Beginnings of Christianity: Part 1; The Acts of the Apostles (1920-1923). In the study of Christianity's origins and in New Testament textul criticism, Lake was a pioneer.

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