Marie Joseph Lagrange

Roman Catholic Biblical scholar


March 7, 1855
March 10, 1938
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A priest of the Dominican order, Lagrange began the journal Revue Biblique (International Biblical Review) in 1892 to promote "critical" study of the Bible in the Roman Catholic Church. Two years earlier he had opened the Ecole Pratique d'Etudes Bibliques (Practical College of Biblical Studies). In 1902 he was made a member of the Biblical Commission, founded by the pope, to guide the development of Roman Catholic study of Scripture.

His commentaries on Mark (1911), Luke (1920), Matthew (1923), and John (1925) were widely used up to World War II. His work on the New Testament presented a change of direction from Lagrange's earlier interest in the Old Testament. F M. Braun wrote a biography of Lagrange, which was published in English in 1963.

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