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Title Page.

Prefatory Material.

The Life of the Reverend Master Gerard the Great Commonly Called Groote.

The Life of the Revered Florentius, a Devout Priest, and Vicar of the Church of Deventer


Chapter I. Of the humility of Christ which Florentius studied to imitate

Chapter II. Of the interpretation of the name Florentius and its three glorious meanings

Chapter III. Of the interpretation of his father’s name Radewin

Chapter IV. Of his native land, and bow be went to study at Prague

Chapter V. Of his honourable character in the world

Chapter VI. Of his conversion through the preaching of Master Gerard

Chapter VII. How he despised the life of the world and joined himself to Master Gerard

Chapter VIII. How Florentius himself, now fully converted, did convert many others

Of the burdens that he bore, and the wrongs that he suffered

Chapter X. Of his promotion to the priesthood and the abasement of his humility

Chapter XI. How seldom be went out, and of his instructive demeanour as he stood in the Choir

Chapter XII. Of the simplicity of his garb

Chapter XIII. Of his humble service among the Brothers

Chapter XIV. How he laboured with his hands for the common good

Chapter XV. Of his compassion toward the poor, the sick, and the friendless

Chapter XVI. Of his feeding the poor, and washing beggars

Chapter XVII. Of his abstinence and the infirmities which came upon him by reason of his austerity

Chapter XVIII. How he often recovered by the aid of the prayers of the devout

Chapter XIX. How upon an Easter Even he was healed by a Vision of Angels

Chapter XX. Of one who fell into a well and was drawn out unhurt

Chapter XXI. Of the vision of the Rood which appeared over his house

Chapter XXII. Of his patience, gentleness, and love toward all men

Chapter XXIII. Of his devout exhortation to spiritual prayer

Chapter XXIV. Of his effectual preaching and his knowledge of the Scriptures

Chapter XXV. How he set a guard upon his tongue and avoided oaths

Chapter XXVI. Of three temptations that are full of peril to the devout

Chapter XXVII. Of his sending forth the Brothers to gather fruit in divers places

Chapter XXVIII. Of his happy passing from this world and his burial in the Church

Chapter XXIX. Of a vision which was seen after his death, and of the great glory which he attained.

A Letter and Certain Notable Sayings of Florentius

Lives of the Followers of Father Florentius


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