Founders of the New Devotion: Being the Lives of Gerard Groote, Florentius Radewin and Their Followers.

by Thomas à Kempis


The Founders of the New Devotion. Being the Lives of Gerard Groote, Florentius Radewin and their Followers was written by Thomas Á. Kempis. The English translation from the original Latin was done by J. P. Arthur. This book spans the one hundred years from 1340 to 1439. The introduction lays out the historical context in which the New Devotion came to be. The political and social turmoil is reviewed as well as Groote’s desire for a pious community set apart to live humbly, love deeply, care for others in concrete ways, pray earnestly, and work tirelessly to better the condition of mankind. The lives and impact of both Groote and Radewin are written about in great detail in this book. The final chapter discusses the “followers” of the New Devotion.

Wailand Groenendyk
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  Born: 1380
Died: 1471
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