People's New Testament

by Barton Warren Johnson


The American pastor and teacher Barton Warren Johnson was born in 1833, educated in the backwoods of Illinois, and later attended Bethany College. He taught at Eureka and Oskaloosa colleges and pastored several churches. His commentaries are highly valued, and this People's New Testament is one of the most useful. The volume first includes several helpful lists of information like a harmony of the gospels and a list of Jesus' miracles and parables. The end of the commentary also holds a few valuable lists, such as a reference to the Old Testament verses quoted in the New Testament, and a lists of cities and towns mentioned in the New Testament. The commentary itself is also well-researched and viable. It follows the traditional chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse format, but helpfully includes a short summary of what happens in each chapter. Johnson's commentary is used by a diverse group of people, professionals, and laymen alike. It is a resource that should be preserved and used for many years to come.

Abby Zwart
CCEL Staff Writer

About Barton Warren Johnson

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Picture of Barton Warren Johnson
Picture of Barton Warren Johnson
Born: AD 1833
Died: AD 1894
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