View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion. The Third Edition

by Soame Jenyns


Soame Jenyns served in the British Parliament during the 18th century. As well as several poetical works, Jenyns authored a couple theological essays, one on the problem of evil, and the other a work of apologetics. A View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion defends the validity of orthodox Christianity from the popular deistic philosophies of Jenyns's day. Jenyns had himself adopted a deistic skepticism as a young man, but had returned to orthodoxy a few years later. His friends and colleagues questioned his conversion at the time, but Jenyns displayed his sincerity with his apologetic essay, which subsequently received praise for its literary merits. This is the third edition, printed in 1776.

Kathleen O'Bannon
CCEL Staff

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  Born: January 1, 1704
Died: December 18, 1787
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