System of Doctrines, contained in Divine Relation, Explained and Defended. Shewing Their Consistence and Connexion with Each Other. Vol. II.

by Samuel Hopkins


Samuel Hopkins studied under Jonathan Edwards, and became his official biographer as well as the executor of his papers. Greatly influenced by Edwards's thought, Hopkins took it upon himself to further elaborate on his mentor's views. The System of Doctrines outlines Hopkins's (and, by extension, Edwards's) systematic theology. This two-volume work lays out the basic tenets of the 'New Divinity' system of theology, a modified form of traditional Calvinism especially prominent in 18th century New England. This second volume discusses the church and Christian practice and speculates about the End Times.

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Picture of Samuel Hopkins
Picture of Samuel Hopkins
Source: Wikipedia
Born: September 17, 1721
Died: December 20, 1803
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