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The Temple (1633) Complete Poem Index

By Title

23d Psalme, The [computer or alphanumeric order]

Affliction (I), Affliction (II), Affliction (III), Affliction (IV), Affliction (V)
Altar, The
Angels and Saints, To all
Answer, The
Dialogue-Antheme, A [1633 order]
Antiphon (I), Antiphon (II)

Bag, The
Banquet, The
Baptism, H. (I); Baptism, H. (II)
British Church, The
Bunch of Grapes, The

Call, The
Charms and Knots
Church-floor, The
Church-lock and key
Church-rents and schismes
Church-windows [1633 index listing]
Clasping of hands
Collar, The
Coloss. 3:3
Communion, H.
Cross, The

Dawning, The
Dialogue-Antheme, A
Discharge, The

Elixir, The
Employment (I), Employment (II)
Ephes 4.30 Grieve not the Holy Spirit &c.

Familie, The
Flower, The
Foil, The
Forerunners, The
Furniture Poems

Glance, The
Glimpse, The
Good Friday

Holdfast, The
for "H. Baptisme" etc. see "Baptisme, H." etc.
true Hymn, A [1633 order]

Invitation, The

Jews, The
Jordan (I); Jordan (II)
Josephs coat
Justice (I); Justice (II)

Love I; Love II; Love (III)
Love Unknown

Mans medley
S. Mary Magdalene [as in 1633 index]
Method, The


Odour, The
Offering, An

Parodie, A
Pearl, The
Pilgrimage, The
Posie, The
Praise (I); Praise (II); Praise (III)
Prayer (I); Prayer (II)
Priesthood, The
23d Psalme, The [1633 edition order]
Pulley, The

Quidditie, The
Quip, The

Reprisall, The
Rose, The

Sacrifice, The
H. Scriptures I, II
Search, The
Sighs and Grones
Sinne (I), Sinne (II)
Sinnes Round
Sinner, The
Size, The
Sonne, The
Starre, The
Storm, The

Temper (I); Temper (II)
Thanksgiving, The
Trinitie Sunday
Hymne, A true
Twenty-third Psalme, The [Dictionary Order]


Vanitie (I), Vanitie (II)

Windows, The [by poem title]
World, The
Wreath, A

List of Poems from The Temple, their order in the Williams MS, the Bodleian MS and the 1633 Edition. Number of stanzas, number of lines, stanza meter and rhyme scheme of all poems.

By Subject

Affliction Affliction (I), Affliction (II), Affliction (III), Affliction (IV), Affliction (V), Assurance, Complaining, Confession, Discharge, Dotage, Grief, Jesu, Josephs coat, Love Unknown, Sacrifice (Easter-wings, Flower, Sinne (I), Storm, Water-course) [Parodie, A]

Baptism Baptism (I), Baptism (II) (Home, Jews, The)

Bible & Scriptures (in general) Scriptures I II (Charms and Knots, Heaven, Judgement, Method, The, Priesthood, Providence, Sinne (I)); specific references OT by poem Affliction (II) [Methuselah], Aaron, Bunch of Grapes, Communion [Adam], Decay [Lot, Jacob, Gideon, Abraham, Moses, Aaron], 23d Psalme, Sion [Temple], (Faith [Adam's fall], Holdfast [Adam], Home [apple], Prayer (I), Josephs coat, Priesthood [Ark], several in Sacrifice [Adam, Adam's sin, Adam's fall, Noah, Egypt, Moses in the wilderness, Manna, Moses' veiled face, Grapes of Zion, Psalm 22:1 {see also Thanksgiving}, Psalm 78:16, "Prophets", Lamentations 1:12], Sinnes round [Babel]). NT [see Jesus for Life of Christ] Christmas, Call, Mary Magdalene, Sacrifice, Coloss. 3:3 (Pearl).
Specific References by Book.

Christ (Saviour and God) Bag, Baptism (I), Conscience, Dawning, Home, Justice (II), Lent, Love-joy, Peace, Reprisall, Sonne (Affliction (II), Antiphon (II), Businesse, Death, Ephes 4:30, Holdfast, Longing, Offering, Prayer (II))

Christian Life Bunch of Grapes, Bitter-sweet, Clasping of hands, Coloss. 3:3, Content, Cross, Dialogue, Discipline, Elixir, Employment (I), Faith, Flower, Heaven, Holdfast, Home, Lent, Obedience, Parodie, A, Pilgrimage, Posie, The, Quip, Reprisall, Search, Sinne (I), Submission, Unkindnesse (Affliction (I), Antiphon (I), Charms and Knots, Collar)

Church Affliction (V), British Church, Church-rents and schismes, Familie, Lent (Antiphon (I), Praise (I), Prayer (I))

Communion/Eucharist Banquet, Communion, Conscience, Invitation, Love (III), Love Unknown, Peace (Agonie, Antiphon (II), Divinitie, Miserie)

Death Church-floor, Church-monuments, Death, Dialogue-Antheme, Dooms-day, Flower, Grace, Home, Vertue (Affliction (II), Banquet, Businesse, Call, Content, Employment (II), Ephes 4:30, Faith, Invitation, Life, Mortification, Pilgrimage, 23d Psalme, Repentance, Sacrifice, Sinne (II), Time, Vanitie (I))

Doctrine: Aaron, Ana-{Mary/Army}gram, Angels & Saints (prayers to Mary and saints), British Church, Divinitie, Mans medley [Nature of Man], Windows; Incarnation Ungratefulnesse; Last Things [Escatology] Decay, Dooms-day,Judgement; Trinity Trinitie Sunday, Ungratefulnesse. [SacramentsSacrifice]

God [besides everything] Decay, Discipline, Even-song, Providence, 23d Psalme, Pulley, Sion, (Angels and Saints)

Herbert, George (personal [besides everything]) Affliction (I), Assurance, Collar, Crosse, Jordan (I) & (II) [see also Affliction, Christian Life, Prayer,Worship]

Jesus (& Life of Christ) Bag, Dawning, Easter, Good Friday, Home, Jesu, Mary Magdalene, Method, The (Affliction (III), Agonie, Dulnesse, Redemption, Sepulchre)

Knowledge & Human Wisdom Agonie, Discharge, Divinitie, Mans medley, Miserie, Pearl, Vanitie (I) (Affliction (I))

Love Agonie, Antiphon (II), Church-floor, Discipline, Even-song, Love I, Love II, Love (III), Sepulchre (Assurance, Flower, Invitation, Miserie, Obedience Prayer (II), true Hymne, Whitsunday, World)

Poetry Deniall, Dulnesse, Jordan (I), Jordan (II), Quidditie, true Hymne (Banquet, Flower, Forerunners, Grief, Miserie, Obedience, Praise (I), Providence, Scriptures II). [Appendix: "Understanding Poetry" (Analysis, Interpretation and Exercises).]

Prayer Angels and Saints, Prayer (I), Prayer (II) (Artillerie, Charms and Knots, Jews, The, Justice (I))

Priesthood Aaron, Church-windows, Priesthood

Rest Artillerie, Communion, Content, Even-song, Giddinesse, Pulley (Aaron [fourth line of each stanza], 23d Psalme, Vanitie (II); contrary Collar)

Sin Agonie, Church-floor, lock & key, Confession, Decay, Foil, Good Friday, Grace, Justice (II), Miserie, Repentance, Sinne (I), Sinne (II), Sinnes Round, World (Bag, Banquet, Baptism (I), Businesse, Communion, Employment (II), Ephes 4:30, Invitation, Lent, Parodie, A, Priesthood, Search, Judgement, Ungratefulnesse,Water-course, Whitsunday)

Virtue Church-floor, Constancie, Content, Employment (II), Foil, Humilitie, Vertue (Employment (I), Miserie, Sinne (II))

World & Human Nature Answer, The, Avarice, Church-monuments, Collar, Conscience, Content, Dotage, Frailtie, Giddinesse, Jordan (I), Life, Love I, Man, Mans medley, Miserie, Mortification, Nature, Rose, Sinne (I), Sinner, Size, Vanitie (I), Vanitie (II), Vertue, World, Wreath (Decay, Home, Praise (I), Pulley, Quip, Repentance, Water-course)

Worship & Mankind's Response to God (see also Prayer) Antiphon (II), Altar, Artillerie, Banquet, Clasping of hands, Confession, Crosse, Elixir, Employment (II), Holdfast, Home, Justice (I), Love (III), Man, Mattens, Method, Odour, Paradise, Pearl, Praise (I), Praise (II), Quip, Repentance, Reprisall, Rose, Sighs & Grones, Sinner, Sion, Starre, Sunday, Temper (I), Thanksgiving, Wreath (Angels & Saints, Bag, Decay, Providence)

Appendix: Scriptural references to George Herbert by Books of the Bible.

By Image/Motif

Blood Conscience, Divinitie, Good Friday, Home, Love Unknown, Offering (Affliction (II), Agonie, Banquet, lock and key, Ephes 4:30, Dawning, Death, Invitation, Miserie, Obedience, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Trinitie Sunday)

Building (n)/ (v) Man, Sion [temple], World (Church-floor) / Affliction (IV) (Giddinesse), Altar

Fire Bag, Love II, Priesthood, Sinnes Round (Artillerie, Content, Decay [burn], lock and key, Employment (II), Whitsunday)

Flowers & Garden Affliction (I), Employment (I), Even-song, Flower, Hope, Jordan (I), Life, Paradise, Peace, Pilgrimage, Rose, Vertue (Affliction (I), Affliction (IV), Affliction (V), Angels & Saints, Banquet, Church-rents and schismes, Collar [flowers], Collar [harvest], Easter, Employment (II) [Orenge], Faith, Grace, Home [harvests], Man [herbs], Miserie [garden], Praise (I) [herb], Providence [herbs], Providence [flowers], Quip, Repentance, Search, Size [spice], Sunday)

Grapes Bunch of Grapes, Love-joy (Sacrifice)

Heart Altar, Confession, Easter, Gratefulnesse, Love Unknown, Offering (Affliction (III), Antiphon (I), Dawning, Deniall, Flower, Forerunners, Home, Longing, Love II, Miserie, Obedience, Sion, Size, Trinitie Sunday)

Light /Darkness Aaron [second line of each stanza], Bag, Call, Christmas (Flower, Forerunners, Heaven, Man, Whitsunday)

Mirror/Glass Elixir, Justice (II), Scriptures I / Church-monuments [hour glass], Jesu [window glass], Pulley [drinking glass, vial or decanter], Windows [stained glass] (Hope [optic])

Music Christmas, Church-musick, Dooms-day, Pearl, Storm (Aaron [third line of each stanza], Dulnesse [songs], Easter-wings, Employment (I), Forerunners [sing], The Glimpse, Gratefulnesse, Grief, Man, Mortification, Quip, Sion, Thanksgiving, Vertue, Whitsunday); Bells Aaron, Flower, Search; Lute Easter (Deniall, Ephes 4:30, Grief, Providence, Temper (I)) [Essay on Music as an Image.]

Pilgrimage/Travel Search Christmas, Lent, Love Unknown, Pilgrimage, Search (Constancie, Redemption; contrary version Collar)

Servant/ Master Affliction(I) [also see last stanza], Altar, Elixir, Love Unknown / Angels & Saints, Odour [consider Aaron]

Shepherd Christmas, 23d Psalme (Antiphon (II), Peace)

Sickness/ Ague Affliction (I), Cross (Conscience)/ Easter-wings, Sinner

Sighs & Grones Businesse, Gratefulnesse (Affliction (III), Collar, Communion, Ephes 4:30, Home, Longing, Search, Sighs & Grones, Sinner, Sion, Storm). See also Tears.

Star(s) Artillerie, Divinitie, Employment (II), Foil, Good Friday, Scriptures II, Search, Starre, Storm (Affliction (I), Bag, Banquet, Man, Miserie, Vanitie (II), Whitsunday)

Stone Altar, Nature, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sepulchre, Sinner (Assurance, lock & key, Discipline, Sion) (Philosophers Stone) Elixir

Storm Affliction (I), Bag, Flower, Storm (The Glance, Sacrifice, Parodie, A)

Sun Coloss. 3:3, Constancie, Easter, Good Friday, Grace, Mattens, Sonne (Affliction (IV), Christmas, Employment (II), The Glance, Jordan (II), Man, Miserie, Sacrifice, Whitsunday)

Tears Businesse, Ephes. 4.30, Grief, Longing, Marie Magdalene, (Affliction (II), The Answer, Artillerie, Church-lock and key, Church Militant, The Collar, Dawning, Death, The Familie, The Forerunners, Gratefulnesse, H. Baptism (I), Hope, Humilitie, Justice (II), Love Unknown, The Pilgrimage, Praise (II), Sacrifice [4 instants], The Size, The Storm, Water-course). See also Sighs and Grones.

Vine Good Friday

Wheat/Grain/Bread Collar, Peace

Wine (Agonie, Banquet, Collar,Divinitie, Invitation, 23d Psalme)

Wings/Flight Church-musick, Easter-wings, Home, Praise (I) / (Banquet, Mans medley, Miserie, Pearl, Temper (I), Vanitie (II), Whitsunday) [? Easter]

Note: George Herbert's images are "co-operative." The image and meaning in one poem is part of the meaning in other poems. Above are some examples. The same image changes, grows and transforms itself throughout the development of The Temple. (see Scriptures II) j.r.arner

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Appendix: "Understanding Poetry" (Analysis, Interpretation and Exercises)

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