Thomas Fuller

English churchman and historian


AD 1608
August 16, 1661
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Fuller was born in Aldwinkle St Peter's, Northamptonshire, C England, UK. He studied at Cambridge, was appointed preacher to the Chapel Royal at the Savoy, London (1641–3), and during the Civil War was chaplain to the royalist commander, Ralph Hopton (1598–1652). With the restoration of the monarchy (1660) he was appointed chaplain-extraordinary to Charles II. He published many works noted for their wittiness, anecdotes, epigrams, and puns, such as The Holy State, The Profane State (1642). His most famous work, History of the Worthies of Britain, was published by his son the year after his death.

There is a more detailed biography at the online 11th Edition Encyclopedia Brittanica.

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