Work of Christ

by P. T. Forsyth


In the preface to this collection of lectures, P.T. Forsyth writes, “There is no region where religion becomes so quickly theology as in dealing with the work of Christ.” He notes that theology, especially theology that deals so much with the “personal religion of sinful men” is apt to change, and thus it would seem an impossible matter to actually write a book on the matter with any hope of it having lasting effects. Forsyth’s work has remained a classic, however, perhaps because of his acknowledgment of the challenge he faced, and his humility in offering what he hoped would be a useful tool for people just beginning to develop their theology on Christ’s atoning work. This book of theology is a powerful reminder for all who read it that our theology and faith is centered first and foremost on the cross, and Forsyth expounds on this with a powerful rhetoric and thoughtful articulation.

Laura de Jong
CCEL Staff Writer

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Picture of P. T. Forsyth
Picture of P. T. Forsyth
Source: Wikipedia
Born: May 12, 1848
Died: November 11, 1921
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