Expositor's Bible: The Second Book of Kings

by Frederic W. Farrar


Expositor's Bible: The Second Book of Kings (1882) is part of the original fifty volumes known as The Expositor's Bible, edited by W. Robertson Nicoll. This commentary on the First Book of Kings is the work of F. W. Farrar. Each chapter of II Kings is dealt with individually. Of course, the focus is on the rulers and prophets. Rulers such as Jehu, Ahaz, Athalia, Amaziah, and Jeroboam II are reviewed for their relationship with God and the direction of their leadership of the people. II Kings is rich in prophecy from such prophets as Hosea, Amos, Elisha, Jeremiah, and Isaiah. Farrar includes an Epilogue that challenges the reader to look deeper into the entire body of "stories" of these historical figures to have a deeper understanding of God and, thereby, a closer relationship with the Creator.

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Picture of Frederic W. Farrar
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Born: August 7, 1831
Died: March 22, 1903
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