Gathering Clouds: A Tale of the Days of St. Chrysostom

by Frederic W. Farrar


Gathering Clouds is a curious blend. Part fiction, part history, it combines literary elements with historical research to produce an interesting fictionalized story of St. John Chrysostom. St. John was an Early Church Father, beloved for his compassion. Farrar lauds St. John by crafting an interesting tale of the historical events in St. John's life. But--as Farrar writes in the Preface--Gathering Clouds is more than just a tale of "passing amusement." Gathering Clouds is meant to be of a more serious theological and spiritual substance, conveying certain theological and spiritual points. These points don't diminish the story in any way; indeed, if anything, they enhance it. Among other things, they indicate to the reader the importance of living one's life for God, even amongst serious and daily suffering. Gathering Clouds is thus an engaging read--bringing together the best elements of literature, theology, and history. In the end, it edifies through it descriptions of the trials and strengths of St. John, all the while entertaining readers.

Tim Perrine
CCEL Staff Writer

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Picture of Frederic W. Farrar
Picture of Frederic W. Farrar
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Born: August 7, 1831
Died: March 22, 1903
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