Against War

by Desiderius Erasmus


Against War is a treatise by Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, more commonly referred to as simply Erasmus. Three things in life were considered by Erasmus to be contended with. War made no sense to Erasmus. He would beg the question of why have war that only adds misery to a world with plenty of misery already. Erasmus spoke out against nation warring against nation. War was barbarous and destructive. The"cost" of war is too high to make it a viable option, in Erasmus's opinion. Hence, this work identifies and delineates the rationale for not having war. Perhaps you are wondering what the other two things that bothered Erasmus. They are pestilence and theologians. Erasmus, ironically a theologian himself, lived from 1468 to 1536.

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Picture of Desiderius Erasmus
Picture of Desiderius Erasmus
Source: Wikipedia
Born: November 6, 1469
Died: July 12, 1536
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