New Evangelism and other Papers

by Henry Drummond


As well as an evangelist and missionary, Henry Drummond was a naturalist. He studied physical and mathematical science before dedicating himself fully to Christian ministry. From 1883 to 1184, he served as a missionary in central Africa. With such broad experience and such an expansive background, Drummond had the opportunity to address some of the most important topics in Christianity directly: the relationship between faith and science, as well as missionary life and work. His Papers, many of them delivered at universities and theological societies, handle these topics in particular. Titles include “The Survival of the Fittest,” “The Problem of Foreign Missions,” and “The Contribution of Science to Christianity.”

Kathleen O’Bannon
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About Henry Drummond

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Picture of Henry Drummond
Picture of Henry Drummond
Source: Wikipedia
Born: August 17, 1851
Died: March 11, 1897
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